Sergey Kolchinskiy

Web Developer. Volleyball Coach. Engineer.


Hi! I'm Sergey Kolchinskiy - a web developer working as a Front End Engineer at Pumpkin Petcare. In the past, I've worked as an engineer for, a web development workshop instructor for General Assembly, and volleyball coach at The Cooper Union. In a past life, I studied Chemical Engineering at Cooper Union, where I was first exposed to programming for aid in deriving mathematical solutions to complex systems.


Web Projects

I completed the Web Development Immersive at General Assembly in January 2016, leading to a fulfilling career in front end development and academia that has involved sponsoring hackathons (e.g. TechCrunch), assisting in the tech portion of new company acquisitions, and streamlining engineering and hiring processes.

Pumpkin Petcare

The best treat is a healthy life


Order online from your favorite restaurants, liquor stores, grocery stores, and laundry providers



Engagement tools built for chem students - backed by Dreamit Ventures, Rough Draft, and more


Cycle Planner

My capstone General Assembly project - a Node.js & SemanticUI trip planning and data visualization


I coached the Men's and Women's volleyball teams at Cooper Union. During my college career at Cooper, I specialized as the Opposite Hitter, leading the Cooper Union Hawks in blocks during two championship runs from 2010-2012. I am still active in leagues around the city.

Volleyball Coaching

The team that 'dabs' together, collabs much better

On the beach for spring training 2016

First day in the gym 2015


I received a Master's of Engineering from Cooper Union for Chemical Engineering. My work focused on optimization: I designed a hydrogen refueling station for minimal economic and safety impact on the community, I found the optimal operating conditions of an ice-generation system to minimize energy consumption, and I modernized the classic optimization problem of a nutritional diet (the 1930s solution involved a daily diet of navy beans and condensed milk).

Engineering Projects

Hydrogen Refueling Station

A designed plant optimized for space limitations and economic considerations


A piano keyboard unburdened by rectilinear constraints

Ice Generation

Determining the optimal operating conditions of proprietary equipment

Diet Optimization

A modernized version of the classic optimized diet (e.g. less navy beans, more variety)

I'm constantly learning and bettering myself. Here's a sample of what I'm reading - these are highly recommended if you like data and tech!

Books I'm Reading

Cool Infographics

Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design

Knowledge Is Beautiful

Impossible Ideas, Invisible Patterns, Hidden Connections--Visualized

Adaptive Web Design

Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement

Where Good Ideas Come From

The Genius of the Tinkerer- The secret to innovation is combining odds and ends